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The 10 Best Work Lights for Every Use

The 10 Best Work Lights for Every Use

Every construction job needs quality lighting, but that doesn’t mean you always need the brightest work light. When choosing the best work light for a job, there are a number of factors to consider that go beyond brightness. The best work light for a project depends on the environment, your intended usage, power sources available, the level of brightness you need and more.

While certain work lights best lend themselves to specific projects, some lights excel under many different conditions and circumstances. Keep reading as we dive into some of our favorite work lights for every usage and offer tips for choosing the best work light for your project.

Best Overall Work Lights for Construction

While some sites may demand a more compact light due to environment and working conditions, these two are best for when you have the pick of the litter and can opt for a larger multi-head tripod light.

Flood lights like these are often the brightest LED work lights and are more capable of fully illuminating a space than compact lights.

two best led work lights

1. Dual Head 100W LED Flood Light

The Dual Head 100W LED Flood Light is an extremely powerful light capable of fully illuminating the darkest construction sites. Producing a robust 9400 lumens, you can easily manipulate this adjustable tripod light to change directions and enhance visibility wherever it’s most needed.

Unlike traditional halogen bulbs, the LED bulbs stay cool to the touch rather than create intense heat, making this light a safer option as well. And, coming with a strong aluminum tripod stand, this light is ultra sturdy — a hugely important safety aspect when working on a dark site.

2. Husky 7000-Lumen Multi-Directional LED Tripod Work Light

With an impressive output of 7000 lumens, this work light is a sturdy tripod light that’s built to give total visibility to darker construction sites and withstand harmful elements like dust and water — much like the Dual Head 100W LED. The Husky 7000 also has adjustable panels that you can bend backward or forward to provide different levels of illumination in certain areas.

Beyond powerful lighting and adaptability, this work light comes with a five-foot cord, a handle for easy transportation around the site and integrated LED bulbs that last forever and are cool to the touch.

Best Rechargeable Work Lights

In environments where you don’t have easy access to a power outlet, you need to be prepared with a light that has a long-lasting battery so your area remains lit for an extended period. Two of the best include:

best rechargeable work lights

3. T-Sun LED Work Light

When it comes to longevity, the T-Sun LED Work Light is certainly a great option. Supporting three hours on high light mode and four hours on low light mode, this portable light can illuminate dimly lit spaces for long durations.

The light supports both rechargeable or AA batteries and comes with a USB charging cord. A compact light, the T-Sun LED light comes with a handle, allowing easy transportation to whatever space you need it in. And with strong resistance to the elements, you won’t need to worry about this light on rainy days.

4. LED Work Light Rechargeable Portable

This powerful work light can project high-lumen double lights for up to five hours and high-lumen single lights for up to eight. With a rechargeable polymer battery, this long-lasting light additionally carries a 1A current output, allowing it to charge mobile devices while in use.

You can also fold this work light into a more compact position for easy transportation to different areas of the site. And with 360-degree rotation capabilities, you can position and angle the light to shine wherever you need it most.

Best Budget Work Lights

While you may not be getting the same amount of power as bulkier and more expensive work lights, there are plenty of options for quality work lights that don’t break the bank. Our two favorites are:

best budget work lights

5. LEPOWER 30W LED Work Light

This waterproof LED work light can produce up to 3000 lumens of light for only $24.99. Made of durable materials that allow it to take on any environment, you may move this portable light around a worksite and position it to fully illuminate any project.

A particularly unique aspect of the LEPOWER 30W is its energy-saving element. This durable and compact light generates 80% less energy than halogen bulbs by producing white light through a reflective film angle. And for convenience purposes, the light comes with a fifteen-foot cord.

6. Warsun LED Work Light

This super compact work light provides three different levels of light (low brightness, medium brightness, and high brightness) for whatever amount of light you need. For only $20, this light comes with a built-in magnet that attaches to metal surfaces for temporary lighting in different areas of the site.

This powerful light beams 1200 lumens at its highest setting and allows for USB charging. With wide versatility and major strength, the Warsun LED is a great budget option for any construction site.

Best Portable Work Lights

If a portable work light is what you need, then it’s important to do the appropriate research to find something powerful and durable while also being compact. Our two favorites include:

best portable work lights

7. PowerSmith Rechargeable LED Work Light

This powerful portable light blasts 2400 lumens and can be brought anywhere. With a magnetic stand, place and position the light on any metal surface to illuminate specific areas.

The PowerSmith Rechargeable LED Work Light is compact and foldable, making it incredibly easy to transfer from place to place. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the light runs for up to two hours on high brightness and holds a charge for up to 18 months.

8. CAT CT1000 Pocket COB LED Flood Beam

For a smaller handheld option, the CAT CT1000 is the way to go. With a magnetic base and pocket clip, this work light delivers a powerful array of light wherever you need it.

Producing 175 lumens, the CAT CT1000 is incredibly durable and perfect for navigating dimly lit spaces in any condition. The light additionally comes with a rear pocket clip so you can stow it away and then easily take it out when you’re in need of light.

Best Desk Lights

Even if you’re at the desk instead of the site, you still need reliable lighting throughout the day to ensure everything outside is going according to plan. Here are two of our favorite desk lights.

best desk lights

9. HaFundy LED Desk Lamp

This swing-arm style light has three light temperatures for whatever lightning style you’re looking for: white light, daylight or warm light. Beyond that, the light has a button for adjusting the level of the light as well, making it perfect for any task at hand.

Additionally, the lamp comes with an adjustable arm so you can position the light however you’d like. The lamp is additionally designed to restrict strain on your eyes by keeping the light uniform.

10. ENOCH LED Desk Lamps

Similar to the HaFundy desk lamp, this lamp has three different light temperatures with ten brightness levels and uniform light to reduce strain on the eyes.

With the ability to clip onto the thickest desks, the ENOCH LED Desk Lamp additionally comes with a silicone pad to ensure it doesn’t scratch the desk. The lamp is foldable so it can easily travel to a new office.

Tips for Choosing the Best Work Light

When it comes to choosing a work light, there are a number of factors to consider. Chief among them? What you’re working on and where you’re working. Are you working outdoors and need an outdoor work light? Is there any natural light? No matter how bright your light, if it isn’t built for the right circumstances, it won’t be of much help to you.

tips for choosing a work light


While the majority of lights listed above are durable and water resistant, dust and water may harm many lights. With these elements being prevalent on most construction sites, it’s important to choose a light that’s resistant to the elements in order to get the most usage out of your work light.

You should consider the ingress protection rating, or IP, when determining the best work light for your needs. The IP rating on the work light specifies how waterproof and dust resistant the light is.

IP ratings are presented with two digits. The first digit, which ranges from zero to six, specifies how dust resistant the light is—with six being the highest. The second digit, which ranges from zero to seven, specifies how waterproof the light is—with seven being the highest. Therefore, LED lights with an IP67 rating are the most resistant to the elements, but anything above an IP65 will suffice in a damp site.


The job at hand will largely dictate what type of work light you use. Mobile light towers, for example, are your best bet for prolonged work throughout the night, like mining or nighttime highway repair.

If you need to shine a uniform light across a larger space, then a flood light or an area light will serve you best. These types of light are void of shadows and work both indoors and outdoors.

For contractors who need to get behind sinks, into walls and into all the nooks and crannies of the home, a powerful handheld light is best. For tasks like these, an average flashlight probably won’t be enough. You’ll need a handheld light with a greater lumen output than typical flashlights.

Power Source

Access to power is another key consideration when choosing between work lights. If you don’t have easy access to a power outlet or you don’t have an on-site generator, you’ll want to select something battery-powered with a long-lasting charge.

If you do have access to an outlet and need light for a long period of time, then it’s best to go with a corded option, so you don’t have to worry about the battery life running out while you’re on the job.


Finally, brightness should be a key consideration when selecting the best work light for your needs. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should go for the brightest work light.

LED lights are generally measured in lumens, with one lumen equating to the amount of light generated by one burning candle. The number of lumens you should opt for depends on the job that you’re doing and the environment you’re doing it in.

For example, if the job site is pitch black at times, you’ll want to go with a flood light or light tower in order to illuminate the whole space. Or, if you’re working under a sink or within walls, you’ll need a handheld light higher in lumens. But, if you have some natural light available on your job site, you won’t need a work light with as high of lumen output.

Find the Best Work Light for you

No matter what your construction needs are, a quality work light is imperative for ensuring your team’s safety. Whether you need a handheld light or a tripod flood light, the options above will ensure your project goes smoothly.

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