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Why You Should Dig a Trench Using a Rototiller

Why You Should Dig a Trench Using a Rototiller
A rototiller can dig a trench much more easily that traditional methods

If you’re looking to expand or landscape your garden you should consider investing in a new gardening tool. The rototiller is a powered piece of gardening equipment. You may have seen neighbors or commercial operations using one already. It looks a bit like a combination between a plow and a small lawnmower. The device is easy to operate and is great for things like tilling the soil and digging a trench.

Why You Should Dig a Trench Using a Rototiller

    A rototiller is powered by a gas or electric motor, usually located on the front of the device. When you rototill, the blades, also called tines, to dig into the ground and break up or churn the soil underneath as it passes by. This helps soften the soil, making it better for planting and growing. This is because the soil on top is hard and dry from exposure to sunlight and human or animal traffic. Meanwhile, the soil underneath is moist, soft, and fertile. It is also rich in untapped nutrients which have seeped into the ground. As a side benefit, as they pass through the tines dig up and kill surface weeds.

    The rototiller’s tines use a great deal of power as they dig their way through solid ground and packed dirt. As such, it is equipped with a shield that covers the tines and prevents careless injury to the person operating it. If not used safely a rototiller can do considerable damage to a person’s extremities. The pressure and stress built up by the blades as they dig can be considerable. This creates a safety risk when the rototiller jerks suddenly or moves in a way that makes it difficult to control.

    A rototiller is most effective when used on very hard or dense soil that would make the use of shovels, spades, or other common digging tools impractical. It is also great because its wheels allow it to move quickly and cover a relatively large distance with less effort. Shovels and other tools require constant bending and unbending or shifting of position in order to be used. Over long periods of time, this can take a physical toll.

    Essentially, a rototiller is a miniaturized version of heavy-duty farm equipment such as plows or tractors. It is great for those with large or expansive plots who want to be able to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. They are ideal for digging trenches in the soil. A trench is a long, deep gap dug into the ground. These are used in a variety of ways, including the planting of long rows of new plants or for irrigation and drainage purposes.

    If you have particularly dry or hard soil and are thinking of starting a garden or otherwise doing some digging, you should rototill if possible. It makes the early, labor-intensive portions of cultivating your own garden much less stressful. This means that you get a solid amount of digging done and don’t end up breaking your back in the process.

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