Go Fast Choppers, Motorcycles built in the heart of Tweekers Garage. Methless machines construct garage built wonders with unconventional methods on limited tools and budgets. Bikes are constructed around the clock in Tweekers Garage, "Plenty of time to rest when you're dead!" Tweekers Garage is a place where we stay up all night having fun, some laughs and hang out completely dirty. Go Fast Choppers is just a by product of our inability to socialize in a normal public setting. We just installed a speed bag for exercise. Due to the yuppie takeover of normally white trash neighborhoods Tweekers Garage has been forced into the country. Beware of the yuppie boosting property values out of this world and forcing garage builders out into the streets. These same lame brain jackasses will be cruzing around your old hood on some cookie cutter TV fantasy chopper before you take out the Sunday trash. There is no stopping these yuppies from buying up every ghetto property and complaining and starting new laws to force out every last person who built the hood in the first place. Revolt!