"Reverend Randall Janson is the angel and devil on either side of one's shoulders. Fueled by his own insanity, (for his vices are none) this man has the humor of Satan and the generosity of an angel. The son of a cop has built museum quality Harleys from the ground up, has been stabbed, has titted out hot rods, been hit by four cars, is a practicing tattoo artist and has been shot in the head. Born in 1965, this nurse's offspring is a dyslexic comedian with an axe to grind. He is a gun collecting musician, who has convicted murderers for friends and a vision that is unparallel, so grab your ass before he shoots it off or spanks it!"
-Douglas Thompson

"Hailing from San Diego, Randy has been painting, in an attempt to breach the confines of the conservative sofa scene for over a decade now. His entire life has been centered around the arts one way or another. Silk screening, photography, advertising, product design, video and film production, and most currently as an established tattoo artist. Working out of Avalon Tattoo Studios, San Diego's premiere tattoo establishment. His work has been featured in many magazines worldwide and taken him to the far corners of the planet. Randy is a self-taught artist without a formal education to rely on. He feels his surroundings are his classroom and he is always taking notes. Randy paints primarily in two dimensions. His imagery is appropriated from popular American culture, billboards, television, and magazines. Randy's artwork is a backlash of the over commercialized society which surrounds all of whom live in this part of the world."
-Tod Swank